Human Resources tips for the last trimester.

We are facing the las trimester of the year. In this period, we always want to work a little bit harder to reach our goals, and time seems to fly.

Do you want to make the most of these months? These are the Human Resources tips for the last trimester:

  1. Analyse the current situation

It is important to be aware of the departure point. Are our teams working properly? The work climate is appropriate? It is necessary to add talent?

  • Be aware of the importance of information: each adjustment or change in the strategy must be based on reliable and updated information.
  1. Know your workloads

You are more likely to know that there are seasons with more workloads than others in your business. Analyse the months to come, are they peak or valley? It may be the right time for analysing, describing and assessing job positions and loads in order to optimize organizational structures.

  • Seasonality is important. Let the tasks be adapted to your team: you will avoid intern stress.
  1. Think in the short term
  • This time of the year is great for revising the performance in your organization and for introducing some correctional measure if there is any deviation. It is time to reach and even overcome our goals.
  • Are you not measuring your employees’ performance? Clear and reachable objectives periodically revised will help your Company to work in the same direction, as well as reinforcing the role of managers and middle managers.
  1. Reward implication and commitment
    There are lots of ways to reward attitude, implication and motivation. An updated remuneration policy may be a good way to reward our employees.
  •  Reward and get people involved: We cannot forget the concept of “emotional salary”. Work ambiance, social benefits and flexibility are added value.


  • 5. Go before the future
  • To keep on growing, there is nothing better than boost loyalty and develop the potential among your employees. It is never too late to implant or improve the training Program in your organization, as well as developing skills and abilities in your team.
  • Boost development. Maybe it is the right moment to prepare a generational replacement… Are diverse generations co-working in your company?

There are lots of things to do, and even if time can seem scarce, with a good organization we are still on time to close a successful year and set the bases for a brilliant future.  .
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