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Psicotec is a multinational consultancy especialized in Human Resources which offers comprehensive solutions in talent management and human management.

Our commitement with quality impulsed us to become the first Spanish-speaking consultancy certified with the standard ISO 10667 aimed to guarantee good practices when evaluating people, groups and organizations.

Our aim is to provide a unique and quality service to help companies to improve their businness outcomes thanks to talent management. Our passion is people and, all along with them, we turn their today’s challenges in their tomorrow’s success.

Our work has a meaning, a purpose. We want to be the strategic partner of our clients worldwide in Human Resources solutions.

Contribute to customized, quality and value-added solutions for our Human Resources clients, exceeding your expectations and helping to improve your business results.

Contribute to the personal development and fulfillment of our employees and our clients.

Commitment, Cooperation, Innovation, Results Orientation and Flexibility.

30 years
of experience

Psicotec was set in 1985 aimed to provide comprehensive services in the Human Resources field for the industrial group TUDOR. It was a bet of te group TUDOR leader by D. Ignacio del Busto, the company’s founder. In its begins, Psicotec provided services nationally in Spain, progresively setting up offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Sevilla. In 2006, it started operating in Portugal in an office located in Lisbon. It is in that moment when an international period begins, establishing our own office in Lisbon and creating parnets in various spots in Europe.

In 2007 it expanded to Latin America, establishing an office in Lima (Peru). From then, the expansion process has been developed in this continent, adding offices in Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Bogotá (Colombia).

Nowadays, Psicotec takes part in global projects, thanks to its physical presence in Europe and Latin America and to the International Network of Office Support.

Our solutions for companies

Psicotec´s Values


With our clients


We are deeply comitted with our clients. Comitted focused on client’s satisfaction.


Of all the team


Biggest resutls are achieved by combinating talent, knowledge, perspective and teamwork. Only when cooperating is possible to achieve exceptional results.




We promote continuous improves and innovations in order to achive the higher quality in terms of profitability.


KPI Measurement


We aim our performances to objectives achievement of the company’s project, keeping in mind our client’s profitability, always trying to go beyond their expectations.


Adaptation to the needs


We are able to adapt to our client’s need: we provide with the ideal solution, attending their specific needs. We act with flexibility and promptness as our aim it is not only achieving results, but doing it on time.

Search and Selection

More than 30 years leadering search and identification projects all over the world.

Selecting Processes – headhunting
Candidates Management

We own an assessend and up-to-date candidate database which allows us to achieve our main objective: our client’s satisfaction.

Interviewed candidates
Available, assessed and updated in our database positions.
Visits per year in our job portal www.psicotecjobs.com
Assesment Center and Evaluation

We offer thorough evaluation which allows us to know the competency profile and the affinity with company’s valors.

Competencies based assesment
Development and Training

Our projects’ quality is assured by our clients, who had rated us with a 9.5 out of 10 in terms of satisfaction.

Potential analysis
Hours of development and training
People has taken part in our development and training plans.

Focus on providing the best business outcomes

Consultancy hours
FUNDAE (Spanish Statal Fundation for Education in Employment)

We have a large experience in managing FEFE (Spanish Statal Fundation for Education in Employment) which has been translated into time and money saving for our clients.

of credit managed by means of FUNDAE in SPAIN

* Data concerning 2016