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Gran Vía Fernando el Católico, 16 - 1º, 2ª
46008 Valencia

Phone: (+34) 963 522 784
Email: valencia@psicotec.es
Web: www.psicotec.es

Psicotec | España | Valencia


Calle 90, nº 19A-49 - Office 204
Bambú Building. Bogotá.

Phone: (+57) 1 927 9154
Email: bogota@psicotec.co
Web: www.psicotec.co

Psicotec | Colombia | Bogotá


Av. Rivera Navarrete, 762 - 10º
San Isidro – Lima 27

Phone: (+51) 1 222 26 05
Email: lima@psicotec.pe
Web: www.psicotec.pe

Psicotec | Perú| Lima

Offices in the International Network

Currently, as a Human Resources Consultancy, Psicotec deals with projects worldwide, with physical office space in Europe and Latin America, as well as an International Office Support Network throughout the following countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Canada, Brazil, Panama, the USA, Mexico, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco.