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Our development programs contribute to enhace the organization’s human force

Custom-designed for the client, implementing actions regarding to our client’s need and objectives, potential assesment, Professional Development Hours, action in business environment

Potential analysis
Professional Development Hours
action in business environment

Comeptencies-based development and training

We are specialized in training and developing competencies and skills, with vast experiences and knowledge about how to accelerate and assess the learning process by the experiential methodology PSIC © (from its Spanish initials Piensa, Siente, Interioriza, Crea), that is learn by doing.

We implant Talent Development Programs based on

  • Indivudal Assesment

  • Feedback

  • Commitment with development

  • Customized IDP using common development stage between collectives.

IDP has into account actions:


We are expert in developing the key competencies and skills for a leader to be able to transform a changing and globalized environment into real opportunities for growth and appropriate results

Where new technologies, digital strategy, collaborative environments and innovation are of fundamental importance to the success of the 21st century organization

We are comitted

We work on the employee’s competencies development by volunteering actions

People and companies work in consonance on competencies development such as teamwork, leadership, communication…

The compentencies development via the third sector

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As a Human Resources Consultancy ,especialized in Selection, we actively listen to you and asses you in order to give you the best solution wich fits best to your needs.

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