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Data Privacy Policy in Psicotec

  1. Who is the responsible for the treatment of your data?

The responsible for the treatement of the data related to the different processes regarding our users, customers or providers is Psicotec, S.A. , registered office in Calle Orense 7, 1º izquierda, 28020, Madrid and CIF A 78107232

Regarding our data protection policy, our telephone number is (+34) 915 331 441 and the e-mail is

  1. Which kind of data do we have and how have we obtained?

The personal data categories that Psicotec S.A has about its clients and providers are:

  • Identifying Data
  • Professional Data as the job position, skills, etc.
  • Postal and electronic adress
  • Commercial Information
  • Economic and transaction data

We never treat especially protected data.

For obtaning all the data before mentioned has been obtained either by your fulfilment of the contact form, the presentation of a commercial offer, collaboration agreement or by the submission of your identification data by your company in order to perform the contratual relation. It will be your obligation or your company’s to give to us your updated data in case of modification.

  1. With which aim we treat our data?

We treat the data given by interested people to manage different activities coming from especific sales processes, post-sale services, providers management, Services Qualitym etc. Therefore, we will use your data for:

  1. Sending information requested by our contact form in our webpage or any contact with our company,
  2. Easing our potential clients and our current clients products and services offers.
  3. Performing administrative, accounting and fiscal managemenet of our clients or providers.
  4. Performing satisfying surveys, market studies etc, aimed to effer the most appropriate offers and an optimized service quality

We are not going to create commercial profiles based on given information not taking decissions about anyone based on a commercial profile.

  1. For how long are we going to preserve your data?

Personal data related to physical people related with potential clients, current clients and providers that   have been compile by different contact forms or other information collection methods will be preserved while any suppresion request will be presented. Data given by our clients and providers will be saved as long as they have any commercial relation with us, always respecting the minimum legal periods regarding data preservation.

We will anyways preserve your personal data during the period of time reasonably necessary, having into account our need for providing information or solving problems, making improvements, activating new services or meeting requirements of the current legislation. This means that we can preserve data during a reasonable period of time even if you are not longer using our projects or are not using this website. After this period, your personal data will be eliminated of our systems in our comapny.

  1. Which is the legitimacy basis of your data treatment?

Depending on the treatment of your data we will sum up the legitimacy basis of your data treatment:

Accountancy ManagementInvoicing management with clients or providers. Maintenance, development and control in the contractual relation.
Fiscal managementholding application, bonification etc. Maintenance, development and control of the relation between the parts, Legal Obligations Compilance
Administrative Management:  logistic management, warehouse, clients deliveries, goods receipts, etc. Maintenance, development and control in the contractual relation.
Marketing: Commercial actions about our products or services aimed to our clients or to those people who has asked for information in the past, including satisfaction surveys, commercial information, services and products updates, etc. Free and unequivocal consent of the interested (potential clients) we inform that the denial of this consent can not be in any case conditionant of the contract execution; Legitimal interest of the company in the commercialization and promotion of products or services similar to the obtained or asked for interested people in the past.


Regarding to the legitimacy basis, you must ease your personal data; if those data are not given, the contract will not be executed, meet legal obligations or any related with public authorities.

  1. To whom will your data be reported?

Our company will never share your personal data with any third party who may have interest in direct marketing, except in case we have your direct authorization.

We can give your personal data to Public Authorities in any case we receive a legal requirement or, when acting in good faith, we consider that it is reasonably necessary to give them for legall reasons, for complying with any requirement or to protect our clients or general public’s rights.

Wour data will never be trasfered to third parties, as it will be our company the only responsible for their treatment and custody.

  1. Which are your rights as interested part?

Anyone has the right to know if we are handling his or her personal data.

Specifically, anyone having interest can ask for his or her right of accessof their personal data, as well as receiving them in a common format if the treatment is done by electronical media(right of portability).

Besides, any interested party can ask for theright of rectification of innacurate data or asking for theirelimination when among other things, his or her data will not be any longer necessary for the intended aim.

As a complement, in some circumstances, interested party can ask for thelimitation of their data treatment,or in some circumstances and for their particular reasons, the interested party can claim theirright of opposition to their data treatment. Our company will stop processing data, except for ineludible legal reasons or when meeting any possible claims or in the stablished exceptions in the enforced law.

Likewise, you have the right to refuse your consent in any case, nevertheless, the legalty of the prior data treatment will not be affected.

Similarly, the User can in any case enforce his or her rights adressing to us by wirting .

Spanish Agency for Data Protection

C/ Jorge Juan, 6

28001 – Madrid

Telf. 901100099 / 912663517

  1. Data protection for web users

According to the current law (UE) 1016/679, web users’ personal data will be treated by the Company as specified in each data collection form of our website. This data treatement will be done under your consent. Once you click the “SEND” button, you will allow data treatment by our Company.

Besides, unless under legal obligation or with your express consent, our Company will not give your data to third parties.

Likewise, the User can in any time exercise his or her rights of data access, rectification or supression, as well as exercising other rights explained herein and regulated in the EU Regulation 2016/679, after giving notice to Psicotec via e-mail

On the other hand, according to Spanish Law 34/2002 11th July of Information Society Services and E-commerce, our Company is comitted to not send advertising via e-mail before having the user express permission. Users can refuse advertising sending checking the right box.

  1. Other information about our Privacy Policy

9.1             Security Mesures

Our company has the appropriate security levels required by the European and Spanish law regarding to data protection. It has into account the state of the technique, the application costs and nature, scope, context and purpose of the described treatments, as well as the probability risks and variable severity for their rights and freedom.

9.2             Minors’ data treatment

Following the GDPR EU 679/20196 and the Spanish Royal Law (Real Decreto) 1720/2007, minors being more than 14 years old can give their consent to hire services of the information society, as being part of a foro, the filling in of a contact form, etc. Nevertheless, it will be their responsability to check the veracity of the minor’s age.

For the treatement of data under 14 years old, those data will be gathered under the parents or legal tutor’s strict consent.

9.3             Changes in our Data Protection and Privacy Politics

Occasionally, our company will be able to modify and correct this section Please check this section regularly for changes that may have occurred and how they may affect you.

9.4 Why is it necessary to accept this Data Protection and Privacy Policy?

This section of the Data Protection Policy for Users, Clients and Suppliers provides you in an easily accessible way all the necessary information so that you can know the type of data that the Psicotec Group keeps about its potential clients, clients and / or suppliers, objectives pursued, the rights that data protection regulations recognize you as an affected person and how to exercise those rights. Therefore, with the deliberate sending of your personal data through our means of contact and / or with the beginning of the commercial relationship with our company we consider that you acknowledge and accept the processing of your personal data as described in this policy . This personal information will only be used for the purposes for which you have provided it or certain national or regional regulations enable us to do so.

In any case, we must warn you that a refusal on your part to provide certain requested information could hinder the development of the contractual relationship between the parties with possible serious consequences at the time of providing the various benefits under the commercial contract with the contracting party.

If you have any questions regarding this section of Data Protection Policy for Potential Customers, Customers and Suppliers of our company, please contact the company using the address provided in the first section ‘Responsible for Treatment’ and We will be happy to assist you and answer any additional questions you may want to ask us.

  1. Enforceable Law

These Conditions will be governed at all times by the provisions of Spanish and European legislation on the protection of personal data and privacy.