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More than 30 years providing solutions in order to optimize our client’s people management all over the world in all our centers located in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Peru and thanks to the Office International Network.

Quality is our hallmark. This is the reason why Psicotec has been certified with ISO 9001 Standard on Quality Management Systems and ISO 10667 aimed to guarantee good practices when evaluating people, groups and organizations.


Psicotec was founded in 1985, aimed to provide full services in the Human Resources field to a important industrial group. After 30 years of intense activity, Psicotec has evolved according to market demands, always keeping in mind its values and mission: providing customized, quality and valuable solutions to its clients in the human Resources field, always trying to surpass their expectations and helping them to improve their businness outcomes.

Psicotec has been certified with ISO 10667 Standard, aimed to guarantee good practices when evaluating people in organizational contexts. Furthermore, Psicotec is part of thel Technical Standardisation Committee AEN/CTN 314 on “Human Resources Management” organized by AENOR, with which more than 40 countries collaborate to guarantee good practices in Human Resources management

Psicotec has 3 offices from where it can provides national coverage:Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Psicotec en Portugal

Psicotec Portugal was set in 2006, aimed to renforce its presence in the Iberian market The growth it has experienced since its creation has allowed it to collect a porfolio of more than 50 clients and 150 specialized projects regarding all Psicotec’s business lines.

Psicotec Portugal pursues the biggest quality on Human Resources Management. This is the reason why it is certified with ISO 10667 Standard, aimed to guarantee good practices when evaluating people in organizational contexts. Besides, it is the head of the comission in charge of translating this Standard to Portuguese.

Psicotec Portugal has an office placed in Lisboa, from where it covers all the Iberian Peninsule.



Psicotec Peru was set in March 2009. It has been Psicotec’s first office in LATAM.

From that moment until now, Psicotec Peru has grown in such a way that has become as one of the most important Human Resources Consultancy in the country, with a porfolio of more than 45 regular clientes and over 100 specialized projects in our business line: Selection, Evaluation and Talent Development and Training, Training, Education and Specialized Consultancy.

Besides, Psicotec Peru has been certified with ISO 10667 Standard, aimed to guarantee good practices when evaluating people in organizational contexts.

Psicotec Peru has an office placed inLima, from where it covers all Peru and surrounding countries.

Psicotec Colombia was set in March 2013. With it, the group’s representation in Latin America was expanded and it would provide support to this country during the forecasted development and growth for the next decade.

Psicotec Colombia is finding it market footplace in the local market by combining talent, knowledge, commitment and passion for Human Resources. Psicotec Colombia supports the most developing economic sectors such as: automotive, petrol and gaz, mining, textiles and clothing, and service, among other sectors.

Besides, as Psicotec is placed in other countries in the continent, we are a key partner, being always loyal to the quality our job requires in such a innovative and competitive market as the Colombian one.

Psicotec Colombia has an office placed in Bogotá, from where it covers all Colombia and surrounding country.



We are our clients’ trusty partner, and we are aimed to become their real partner in Human Resources. In fact, we have grown thanks to our clients internationally, helping them with their expansion plans and supporting them in any part of the world they may need us.

Currently, we have offices in Spain, Portugal, Peru and Colombia, and we have become this way the leader Spanish consultancy in the Latin American market, as well as being a Office International Network, providing complete support to our client’s needs, no matter where they are:

Belgium, the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Suitzerland, France, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, Belarus, Canada, Brazil, Panama, U.S.A, Mexico, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco.

Here, we can act physically, as well as having partners that can ease the local selection process developmenta, strictly following the metholodogy conveyed by Psicotec.