Psicotec, among the most Influent in Human Resources

Last April 4th, María Luisa Riobóo, Psicotec CEO, was recognized as one of the ten most influent personalities in the Human Resources field.

This initiative, started by RRHH Digital and it is in its fifth edition; it gathered more than 350 finalists and select the ten Spanish professionals who have been more notorious in the field, either for its intervention or participation in social media and/or event, the quality of the policies in human resources and the creation, proposals and implementation of measures that create jobs in Spain.

Psicotec, committed with excellence and continuous improvement, is part of the AENOR Technical Normative Committee CTN 206 for people management, and It was the first Human Resources Consultancy in Spain to be granted with the ISO 10667 Standard, which assures quality in assessment process for people, groups and organizations.

Since it was created in 1985, Psicotec has growth and now it has services in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Peru and Chile. It offers services to a wide range of sectors, among which we can highlight the automotive sector, pharmaceutical, energetic and food sector.

As we live in a changing environment, Psicotec has a proactive attitude and foresees the market needs. Due to this new business approach and due to Human Resources reality, three big initiatives have been launched:

  1.  “SID 3.0 – selection, integration and development 3.0”: a new approach in global solutions for people management.
  2. MTP – Millennial Training Plan”: a complete strategy for attracting, integrating and developing the talent among millennial workers.
  3. “Psicotec Mentor & Talent”: a solution which allows the implementation of a Mentoring program from its beginnings in the consultancy phase and objectives settlement until the day-to-day routine, by means of a simple, user-friendly and innovative technological platform.

Being awarded as one of the ten most influent in the Human Resources field is a reaffirmation of our objective: giving an unique and quality service which will help companies to improve their results by talent management. People are our passion, and we are aimed to change their today challenges for their tomorrow success.

Thank you very much,

Psicotec Team.

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