Going out… wearing our best smile

Psicotec and Gestolasa have a lot in common, but if something outstands i sour conviction to go out to the market in full dress.

Jan Carlzon created in the 80s a key concept when talking about quality and service: The Moments of Truth. This approach states that every contact we have with potential clients and with the market is decisive and influences greatly in future purchase decisions.

How do we affront these moments? Do we have into account the speech, impression and impact that we make? Are we boosting interest?

Both organizations have adopted a very proactive attitude when reacting to the market needs. We are the one who know best our network inquietudes and we try to anticipate their needs. This is the way we create value and keep on being experts in our field.

The clearest Example of this approach are our most recent events.

Psicotec held last 25th October its first Experiential Workshop “Innovation in training, training the innovation” in Barcelona. During this workshop, more than 60 manager of People, Development and Training of the town were able to experience some of the most trending tendencies in the training and talent development. Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Experiential Training, and Theatre Techniques applied to training… are some of the topic trained in Fàbrica Moritz in Barcelona. Next 7th November the workshop will be hold in Valencia, and we will finish this period in Madrid the 28th of November.

Gestolasa is aware of the big interest that their working breakfast arise in technical topics. Regarding to this subject, more than 50 Managers of Working Relations were congregated by Gestolasa and Adirelab to talk about “New trends in Pre-retirement and Retirement Plans”. This event, hold in NH collection Eurobilding hotel in Madrid was full capacity despite the rainy day. Besides, the deep interest of the audience was noticeable during the round of questions. Another one will be organized soon.

Un evento en sí mismo no es más que una excusa para poder crear un Momento de la Verdad más. Bien canalizado, como es nuestro caso, ese evento nos permite lograr un doble objetivo: aumentar el recuerdo que tiene de nosotros el mercado y presentarnos como especialistas en nuestras áreas de actuación. Estos dos pilares son básicos para una estrategia de crecimiento comercial que pueda apoyarse no solo en la venta cruzada, sino potenciar la venta inteligente. Sabemos que la gente que asiste a nuestras jornadas tiene un interés claro en el tema tratado… es nuestra oportunidad de diferenciarnos a través de nuestro conocimiento y de generar confianza. No hay nada más valioso en el campo de la Consultoría de Recursos Humanos. Pero, ¿qué podemos hacer para lograrla?

An event itself is just a pretext to create a Moment for the Truth. Well conveyed, as in our case, this event allows us a double objective: keeping us fresh in the market’s mind and presenting us as specialist in our area, These are our key points in a commercial growth strategy which will be based not only in cross-selling but in smart selling. We know that people attending our conference has interest in the topic… and it is a perfect way for showing our expertise and build trust. There is nothing more valuable in the Human Resources field. But… what can we do to achieve this?

Going out… wearing our best smile

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