Psicotec integrates digital footprint analysis in the selection of candidates

La atracción e identificación de Talento es todo un reto para cualquier organización. Con cada nueva incorporación es necesario poner en marcha una serie de herramientas de inducción que vayan orientadas a la integración rápida y efectiva del trabajador.

Attracting and identifying Talent is a challenge for everyone in any Organization. Every new incorporation implies applying induction tools oriented towards the quick and effective integration of the worker.

This bet for outside talent will allow the Company to grow thanks to the new knowledge and competencies added to it. Nevertheless, it takes some risk and it is needed to use some irreplaceable resources. What if the incorporation does not turn out to be successful? The invest will become a cost and the Company will have to start a new research.

This is the reason why companies are becoming aware of the importance of choosing candidates taking into account other criteria beyond experience or training.

Psicotec, a human Resource consultancy specialized in Talent Selection and Development considers the selection process as something which has to go beyond the CV. It has to be focus in the personality, competencies, values and skills of the candidate. This is the way in which the candidate adaptation to the position will be successful, both for the position and for the organizational culture, and will assure the engagement.

In consonance with this concept, Psicotec has just added the personality analysis by the digital footprint as an added service in its selection process. It is a very interesting tool to evaluate millennial and digital profiles.

Using this powerful and innovative technological Development based on the Big Five Theory, this theory analyzes the personality by digital footprint studying the impact of the candidate in its posts: social media, blogs, forums…

Psicotec bets for innovation and digital transformation as a life motive. As the Manager of Selection and Assessment, Carmen Rodríguez, said: “in an increasingly digitalized world, the digital tools will help us to be more competitive”.

For more information about the analysis of digital footprint, contact Carmen Rodríguez writing to: seleccion@psicotec.es

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