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It is very usual to see the weather forecast for tomorrow in order to know better what to wear next day. Besides, weather has been a trending topic last weeks: first cold, then hot, after even hotter, heat waves, the cold drop, climate change… Everything has something to do with our mood and with the vitality with which we face routine.

This is the reason why we must pay special attention and care to the weather we create and live in our work environments.

In the business world, which is at last a living organism which has to continuously adapt to environment changes, work (or organizational) climate must be considered as a key factor. It can boost the company’s success or it can prove it to failure as a consequence of worker’s emotions and motivation.

Since the first studies conducted during the 1940’s until the most recent ones, experts in the Human Resources field have become aware of the importance of this factor in people’s performance, productivity and efficiency thus in the culture and values of the organization.

It is logical: an appropriate work climate – this one which recognizes, encourages and rewards collaborators, which bids for their development and which is based on shared values – will arouse the feeling of belonging to the organization and boost productivity. But is that always true? Do the leadership styles influence in it? Are there some sectors that require a little bit more?

For Litwin and Stinger, there are 9 dimensions that have something to do in the work climate: structure, responsibility, reward, challenge, relations, cooperation, standards, conflicts and identity,

A 2.0 organization has to be aware of the importance of the person, which is unique and different in his or her competencies. This kind of organization are committed to care each of the dimensions above, as sit is only thanks to this approach that it will safe and nourish its own environment. The organizational habitat is as delicate and valuable as life is in our planet.

In Psicotec, Human Resources Consultancy specialized in Talent Selection and Development; we have been analyzing our client’s work climate for more than 20 years and offering solutions for the setting of actions tailored for our clients. With them, we are aimed to retain, obtain and foster loyalty in talent acquisitions, as well as being a model regarding new incorporations.

Nowadays, work climate surveys seem to be coming back after the stagnation of the past five years. We have lived an economy reorganization and restructuration period, in which hiring has increased. It is time now for betting on the Future of People and nothing better for this that counting on the expertise of a true expert in the field.

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