Event (VLC) – Permanent Disability Management

On February 8 we celebrated the working breakfast “The Management of Permanent Disability (IP): from employee support to cost reduction for absenteeism” at the Bancaja Foundation in Valencia, between 9am and 12pm approximately.

This meeting, which was born with the intention of presenting Gestolasa and the Management of Permanent Disability in Valencia, was attended by 20 companies of great importance in the Valencian Community, including Ford, RNB and DS Smith Tecnicartón.

This is a great example of the synergies we can offer if both organizations work together: the vast experience of the Gestolasa Health Area in conjunction with the Psicotec business network in Valencia has allowed us to achieve a double objective:

Total competence, exceeding initial expectations

A high degree of satisfaction of the participants

In the words of Ignacio Peña, “… it is essential that the company knows how to detect these situations to act as soon as possible and reduce the overall absenteeism rate, providing the necessary help to the affected employees …”.

After a brief presentation of the session by Vanessa Hernanz, Director of Development and Consulting of Psicotec and responsible for the Valencia office, Miguel Ángel Martínez and Ignacio Peña explained the importance of proper management of permanent disability in the company. This figure, who is still a great unknown, aroused great interest of the public and generated an interesting debate and a great number of questions.

In addition, the possibility of conducting a study of absenteeism, at no cost, in the organization is an advantage that the participants valued very positively.

We hope that in the coming weeks this interest will be reflected in new cases of Permanent Incapacity for Gestolasa and that it will be able to replicate this format elsewhere and with new dates.

We will keep you informed.

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