Let raise our glass together this holiday

Holidays are close and 2018 is now also close to an end. It is a good time to look back to this 12 months and analyzing what we can improve and what we can maintain next year.

The main project we began to develop along with Gestolasa was joint visits. During these months, we have made more than 50 joint visits and both companies have created job for their coworkers. A great beginning that should keep growing.

In February we hold a working breakfast for Permanent Disability. We add to the know-how in the PI in Gestolasa the working Network that Psicotec has in Valencia. Nowadays, we still work on some cases we start in this project. This is a great example of how we can boost our strengths together.

More recently, we have analyzed our different possibilities when talking about getting into the market and we have reinforced our will to boost cross-selling and smart selling. Visits and commercial material with an optimal image are basic, but it is necessary to optimize resources. If we are able to know better our clients and potential clients, to focus better offers and to segment messages for each public, we will have half of the way done. We have set firm steps in the last months, but business intelligent is one of our big challenges for 2019.

Another great possibility is keeping on working in this Alliance. Being able to present new proposals or even creating services in which both companies will be implicated will help us to know better ourselves and to share bigger objectives. It is an ambitious horizon, but only with great expectations we can get the best of us.

We live in a period full of changes but change, when efficiently managed, is always for the better. This is the conviction that moves us and we want it to keep us moving even more next year. We need to keep on sharing our ideas to create a rich and diverse environment which will allow us to become a referent in the Human Resources Consultancy field.

Thank you for all the time and effort given during this month.

Happy Holidays.

Psicotec y Gestolasa.

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