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For Candidates

What are companies looking for nowadays?

We live in a period of globalization, characterised by the increasingly and international competition and by the importance of technology and innovation in almost every field. This is the reason why companies are looking for young that can add value, knowledge, competitiveness and talent to their companies.

Psicotec is comitted with talent acquisiton, and we want to give as much information as possible about the main interests in companies:

  •         Specific training and experience for the position
  •         Languages knowledge: English (a must)
  •         Change adaptability
  •         Soft Skills (empathy, assertiveness, etc…)
  •         Result-Oriented. Efffectiveness. Resolution
  •         Business vision. Customer Orientation
  •         Taking Responsability
  •         Leadership

The most requested profiles:

  •         Titulados Superiores de Administración y Dirección de Empresas
  •         Technical Engineers
  •         Upper-Level Training Cycles

Social Skills:

  •         Teamwork
  •         Adaptation
  •         Learning Desire
  •         Overcoming
  •         Availability
  •         Organizaion
  •         Communication Skills
  •         Integration
  •         Social Competencies
  •         Management Skills