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Confronting or accepting uncertainty?

The mentee was full of lingering doubts. He expressed one of them to his mentor, asking him: “My dear mentor, how will I know when I really am in the path through supreme inner freedom? The mentor gave him a beatific smile and answered: ” Do not torment yourself” When you really are in the path through supreme freedom, you will not wonder these kind of questions. Does the bird wonder if it is flying?

For some years now, we have been living in an increasingly inestable environment where the only certainity is change. In this situation, we tend to feel that everything is out of our control. We find ourself usuarlly wonder, When will the crisis end? or what are we going to do once we finish our studies? and all these questions can cause insecurity, stress or even anxiety. When we feel this uncertainity, it is even more difficult taking decissions or knowing which path we must follow. Nevertheless, we need to be realistic and to take in mind that we can not control everything.

It is, therefore, advaisable to have a plan to achieve our goals? Even if it is true that we need to have a sort of planned goals in the horizon to lead us, it is not less true that we need to be aware that we will come across with obstacles that will hamper the achievement of these goals. If we stick to the plan in mind without having into account these obstacles, we will find ourselves in a very stressfull situation. In this casem the best we can do is changing our course and looking for another way to arrive. We need to be flexible and creative to overcome this situation.

We should be like a river. Its main priority is to reach the sea. Neverthless, during its course it finds all kind of obstacles such as rocks or uneven terrains. These obstacles will never stop the river, as it finds other ways to reach the sea. Many times it may find it impossible to arrive in a straight line, and this is the reason why it menders and avoids everything that may hamper its path.

How will this help us to manage uncertainity? If we succesfully comprehen this, our trust in our resources will increase and we will be able to better confront the unexpected. It is better to confont or to accept uncertainity? Accepting uncertainity as a constant part of life is the most beneficial way to manage it. This will help us to think, to be patient and sure and to find another path that may lead us to our destination. The most important thing of all is to avoid being paralized by the fear, and to learn of the callenges to plan other ways. It is logic that it may seen a difficult task, but nowadays, it is better to accept rather than confront uncertainity.

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This text has been written by Vicente Benavent to whom we acknowledge his collaboration.