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For Candidates

How to manage a job interview

What are the objectives of the Interview?

Obtain information about the candidate: to know the person, characteristics, needs and interests.
Explore the professional and personal experience of the candidate, as well as their specific behavioral skills for the position.
Know the motivation of the candidate and the adequacy to the function that will perform.
Provide information about the job to which you are selecting, allowing an assessment of the motivation on the part of the candidate.
Motivate and encourage the candidate to continue the selection process until the end.
The job interview is still a process of sale and “seduction”. Any message we want to convey consists of two things:
Content aspect: Rational level
Relationship aspect: Emotional level
They come before they hear us. Personal image is especially important. To get right in the garment, what matters is to be consistent and follow what the norms dictate in relation to the sector of business activity and the specific place that you choose.

The interviewer wants a sociable person who is able to integrate into the company with a good relationship with colleagues and clients. As people we tend to help and think better about those who make us the best impression. If we smile we are causing emotions to the interviewer and we make a more positive impression in their evaluation. The smile attracts, generates confidence and optimism, relaxes and dissimulates the nerves and positively predisposes its interlocutors.

Eye contact enhances interest and facilitates communication. Look directly at your interlocutors. Agreeing with the head denotes listening and disposition. Playing with objects denotes nervousness and insecurity. Rubbing hands denotes impotence. Interlacing the fingers demonstrates authority and will to understand.

The language should be clear, simple and structured. Avoid slang and slang. You have to be honest and sincere. Speak with a tone of cordiality, concise and concrete. Do not speak ill of the current or previous company.

It is good to be able to rehearse the interview in advance, to plan what I want to achieve, what to say and how to say it. A golf champion was once told that he was very lucky and replied, “Yes, the more I train, the luckier I get.” Search and explore the company’s website, focus on what they are looking for. We must remember our strengths and areas for improvement.

And remember: There will not be a 2nd opportunity to generate a 1st good impression.