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Energy, Mining and Oil&Gas

More than 30 years working for the most important companies in the energy sector

More than 30 years working in talent search and development in the energy sector and alike which has allowed us to work with great companies either national or internationally in selection, assessment and development projects which a rate of 97% of succes.

Success Stories

Among the most important areas in which we have developed our projects the results obtained in the following ones have been the most remarkable:

Selection Consultancy
Corporative Engeneering Construction
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Legal Consultancy Manager
  • Plan, Development and Strategy Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Company Health Care Provider
  • Asset Management Leader
  • Communication Manager
  • International Relations Manager
  • Electric systems Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Licensed Engineer
  • Plant Engineer
  • Engineering, primary sytems and auxiliars
  • PSA oils Engineer
  • Explotation Engineering
  • Line Engineer
  • Engineering technologist
  • building technician
  • Project Manager
  • License Technician
  • Procdess Technician
  • Technical Assistant
Maintenance Operations Safety and Quality
  • Maintenance Process Control Engineer
  • Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
  • Electrical Maintenance Engineer
  • Plannification of mantenance Engineer
  • Phyiscal security Maintenance Technician
  • Line Maintenance Technician
  • Protections maintenance technician
  • SSEE maintenance technician
  • Control and Tekecommunication technician
  • Turbine and reactor operators
  • Operation assistants
  • Reactor technician
  • Combined cycle especialist
  • Distribution control center operator
  • Fixed Turn Engineer
  • Operations Technician
  • Operation markets Technician
  • International exchanges Technician
  • Operation Support Technician
  • Security and Quality Engineer
  • Validation and verification manager
  • Quality and Warantee Manager
  • Radiological Protection Especialist
  • Risk management especialist
  • Quality Auditor
  • Inspection and activation especialist
  • Technical prevention technician
  • Explotation and safety technician
Distribution and sales network
  • Operations consultant
  • Product development consultant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Regional Delegates
  • Commercial cycle responsible
  • National accounts manager
  • Indirect channels manager
  • Payment and invoicing technician
  • Price of gaz responsible
  • Price analysing responsible
  • Added-value energy system responsible
  • Digital sales manager
  • Digital analytics manager
  • Big Data Analyst
Organization Development Consultancy Talent Development Consultancy Outsourcing Projects
• Climate study, compromise and healthy organizatino
• ISO 10667 Standar implementation
• Competencies identification and description
• General Performance Indicators for each job position
•Job Description
• Equality studies
• Crossfunctional
• Competencie-based interview outline
• Development center: skills evaluation and development
• “As hoc” design of development and leadership paths
• Leadering transformation: collaborative ambiances
• Optimization and development of commercial networks
• Volunteering programs
• Feedback 360º
• Management of annual formation plans
• Management of formative loan
• Massive projects of staff evaluation
• RPO: Staff selection and evaluation in: Corporative
Distribution and sales network
Safety and quality

Added Value

As an integral Human Resources Consultancy with more than 30 years in the sector, figures endorse us:

  • We are a wide team of psycologists, with more than 30 years of experience in the Human Resources Consultancy field, working for the energy sector and alike.
  • Database with more than 150 000 assessed and updated candidancies.
  • More than 30000 selection processes related with this sector globally.
  • 97.5% of success in our processes.
  • More than 10 000 hours of development and training in the development of skills related to the sector, rated with a 9.5 out of 10 in satisfaction by our customers.
  • More than 15 years developing projects in the main building companies in the country.
  • More than € 1 500 000 of credit managed by FUNDAE in Spanish companies.

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