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Construction and Engineering

Expert in the construction sector

From our beginnings 30 years ago, in Psicotec we have worked extremely closely with companies in the construction sector, being especialized in technical profiles and middle-level management.
The recruting and selection processes we have developped has been very varied and they go from construction managers to Business Unites Managers. We are also very proud of the high succes rate we have achieved: more than 97 %. In the same way, we have undertaken a vast number of projects related with talent development, organizational development, and outsourcing services. All this experience makes us a comprehensive Human Resources Consultancy

During this 30 years, we have passionately worked with a vast number of clients. Thank to our consultant’s wide experience, to our orientation towards client’s satisfaction – main motor of our company – and to our knowledge on the market we have succeed in providing the best services related to human resources.
We offer complete coverage all over the world, working in projects which completely adapt to our clients need: from a recrutiment or selection process for a determined position to bigger and more complex projects.

Moreover, we are specialized in all the areas related with the construction sector and alike: Building, Electrical Building, Civil Construction, Edification, Engeenering, Infraestructures, Singular Works, Water Rreatment, etc.

Global Coverage

Among the most important project related with the sector in which we have worked, the most remarkable ones have been performed in Angola, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador,Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. UU, Holanda, India, Italia, Noruega, Perú, Qatar, Rusia, Sudáfrica, Turquía o Reino Unido.

Psicotec Added Value

As a Human Resources Consultancy, figures support us:

  • A wide team of consultants who have more than 10 years of experience in the H.R sector working for the construction, engeenering and alike sectors.
  • Databases with more than 70 000 evaluated and updated candidancies.
  • More than 3 0000 selection processes related with this sector globally: from Construction Managers to Business Un its Managers.
  • 97.5% of success in our processes.
  • More than 5.000 hours of development and training in the development of skills related to the sector, rated with a 9.5 out of 10 in satisfaction by our custommers.
  • More than 10 years developing projets in the main building companies in the country.
  • More thanh 800 000 € of credit managed by FUNDAE in Spanish companies.

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As a Human Resources Consultancy, especialized in Selection, we actively listen to you and asses you in order to give you the best solution wich fits best to your needs.

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