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Heiko Hutmacher
Chief Human Resources Officer

Dear Candidate,

METRO Cash & Carry aims to be the champion for independent businesses and operates as a wholesaler – meaning that we have to help our customers to win over and satisfy the needs of their customers, in an environment where customer needs are permanently changing. In order to be able to respond to their demands and to grow our business, we have to continuously grow our people; right from the start.

Our Global management trainee programme, called ’METRO Potentials‘ has been designed to help develop a pipeline of future leaders for our organisation and provide a high-quality environment for the development of talents.

It is a world-class, two-year programme during which the selected candidates will go through a series of international, cross-functional assignments, acquire specific skills and attend capability development sessions. Our aim is to prepare you for taking on management positions immediately after completion of the programme.

During this programme, you will be challenged all the way, right from our initial assessment to each individual assignment and training event. We will challenge you but also provide extensive development possibilities, whilst giving you feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement to focus on. The ’METRO Potentials‘ programme will include very exciting project/business assignments, both locally and internationally, where you can make a real difference to our business.

We truly believe that attracting, developing and retaining some of the world’s best graduates will add significant value to our organisation. Your energy, enthusiasm and innovative strength will have a significant impact on our activities and processes, and thus on our bottom line. Those of you who join us will – as future managers – drive our business forward towards a continued focus on our customers and business excellence.

Send us your application, join our team and excel with us!

I wish you the best of success at METRO Cash & Carry!

Best regards,

Heiko Hutmacher
Chief Human Resources Officer

METRO’s International Management Programme

At METRO Cash & Carry, we take our inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit and the limitless energy of independent business people. From the very beginning, the stores of METRO and MAKRO Cash & Carry have focused on creating a tight bond between their local staff and the most important aspect of their business operations: our 21 million customers in 25 countries around the world.

Apply now for our METRO Potentials Management Programme

Are you a master graduate full of energy and committed to success? Are you result-oriented and open to change? Do you have the passion and drive to build the future of wholesale business and leave your personal footprint? Are you a strong communicator and able to I nspire those around you? Do you have leadership abilities and teamwork skills? Do you have what it takes to be a future leader?
Then join us still today!

Step into your 1st Management Position

The programme will further develop your talents and ambitions with career development activities that include both cross-functional projects and international assignments. A personal mentor will coach and guide you throughout the programme. If you show passion and drive, you will find unique opportunities to grow as a future leader in a global organisation. Together we’ll create a personalised career target.
As an equal opportunity employer we invite everyone to apply!

Who are we looking for?

  • Graduates from top local universities with a Master degree or equivalent in the field of e.g. Business, Trade, Hotel Management

  • Maximum of 3 years work experience (Internships don’t count as work experience in respect to 3 years work experience)

  • Excellent command of English and preferably of a second foreign language

  • Age group between 23 and 28 years

  • Track record of extracurricular activities (preferably in a leading role, e.g. team captain, organizer, student council)

  • International experience (working, studying, living)

  • Strong communicator

  • Independent and ambitious

  • Self-driven and proactive

  • Learning and networking agility

Structure of the programme


METRO/makro bets on the young talent through the METRO Potentials Programme. By working and learning from the butcher to the members of the board, METRO Potentials gives you a real insight on how the business works. Also, we are given the opportunity to work in an international environment, to get out of our comfort zone and to develop our leadership skills throughout the different stages of the programme.

Ana Isabel Tamargo, Metro Potentials Wave 4, Spain

The programme is dedicated to help trainees to be future leaders in an accelerated approach. I was offered the opportunities to work at different levels and environment, from stores to headquarters, and from home country to foreign lands. […] And the projects I had at different stages have enhanced my “soft skills”, such as communication, time management, project management, etc.

Julia Yao, Metro Potentials Wave 3, China

METRO Potentials Programme gives you an opportunity to learn cross-functionally and cross-culturally by ensuring that you work in conjunction with various stakeholders across departments, during your projects in different countries.

Lalit Aggarwal, Metro Potentials, India

You are looking at 2 years of comprehensive learning, networking and incomparable international experience.

João Pedro Carvalho, Metro Potentials Wave 1, Portugal
Choosing a career and a Company can be difficult when we are Young. But for METRO POTENTIALS it was an easy choice to make. With an international dimension and a two-years training plan that allows me to develop my skills in several fields, this program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Geraldine Pierre-Louis, Metro Potentials Wave 3, France
I could never have imagined that one day I would have to lead a whole project in Japan!
Thanks to METRO Potentials I had this once in a lifetime opportunity, amazingly boosting both my professional and personal growth.
Chiara Deplano, Metro Potentials Wave 3, Italy
This program is a great opportunity to grow professionally since right away you will get exposure to many things that would take years to experience otherwise. For me it has been fun, enriching, and non-stop learning so far, and if this sounds good to you, this program and company will be a great fit for you as well.
Paula Elum, Metro Potentials Wave 1, Spain


This programme is dedicated to Master graduates from university/college and young professionals who have the power and the will to succeed in a demanding programme.

Our METRO POTENTIALS programme is a two-year programme that will enable the participants to learn in an international environment everything they need to know in order to take a management position in METRO Cash & Carry afterwards. It is a fast track to a management career in international wholesale!

The programme is split up into project assignment phases where the Trainees will benefit from on-the-job and off-the-job learning elements. Some of these will take place in their home country and others abroad. Each phase will include dedicated training periods where the Trainees will be provided with the business knowledge as well as leadership skills.

Moreover, the Trainees will have the opportunity to build their global network with other METRO POTENTIALS during international training events.

The programme lasts 2 years and includes 5 training blocks, each covering a time span of 3-6 months. In each of these training blocks a combination of on the job training will be combined with projects and dedicated tasks.

The METRO Potentials programme starts in September 1st. The first programme was kicked-off in October 2014.

This programme is meant for METRO Cash & Carry countries as it intends to develop new managers and executives for those countries.

The countries have their flexibility to assign the Trainees to local, demanding projects, in close cooperation with a global Programme Manager who will also be responsible for driving central development elements. The foreign assignments will take the Trainees further development needs and interest into account as well as considering the further development of their knowledge and skills and leadership behaviour development.

Ideal potential candidates have just graduated with an excellent Master degree from a local top University or top Business school or Hoteling school. Candidates who hold a Master degree up to 2 to 3 years of work experience (in total) are welcome to apply for the programme as well All candidates are expected to have strong vertical potential, international mobility, excellent command of English and ideally another foreign language. All candidates will have to pass an international Assessment Center to join the programme

Yes, if internal employees meet the programme criteria they are free to apply. Their line manager will make the decision to bring their name forward as a potential candidate for the programme. Internal candidates are expected to participate in the international Assessment Centre as well in order to qualify for the programme.

Yes, it is expected that approx. 80% of all trainees are coming from external and approx. 20% are coming from internal. Note that only the best candidates of the ACs will be selected for the programme.

The countries are responsible for the pre-selection of the external and internal candidates (screening of applications, interviews, tests, local Assessment Centre, final nomination by the Country board).

Each country is asked to nominate a pre-defined number of candidates for the international Assessment Centre. These Assessment Centres take place both in Europe and Asia; in July of each year. The final choice of management trainees is made during the Assessment Centre by MCC Group directors as well as Country board members of various countries. Only the best candidates will pass the Assessment Centre.

Candidates can apply through our local recruitment channels.

If you are interested in joining the METRO POTENTIALS programme, please contact our local HR teams or visit the local career pages for further information on how to apply.

Yes, the Trainees’ performance will be closely monitored by their respective coach, mentor, local HR as well as the Corporate Programme Manager.

At the end of each training block there is a joint feedback session during which an evaluation of the training block is discussed by the trainee, coach, mentor, local HR and the Programme Manager.

The programme includes five 3-6 months long rotations in different business environments. Each rotation includes different project assignments and different training activities.

The Trainees will always start in their home country; the first rotation takes place in the Store (Field) environment. This aims at developing their METRO process knowledge and basics of how our business works. The second rotation needs to take place in the local country Head office. This provides the Trainees with further deepening of their business understanding while developing their cross-functional abilities.

The third rotation will always take place in a foreign country environment in the Head Office. This step will broaden the trainees’ international perspective of our business.

The fourth rotation is spent at the Corporate Headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, and focuses on developing innovative capabilities. The last rotation is taking place in the respective home country. The purpose is to develop leadership skills in order to prepare the Trainees for their first management position.

The aim of the programme is to develop Trainees towards a management position. Their future placement will depend on individual performance, speed of development and local opportunities.

They will receive an unlimited contract with the local METRO Cash & Carry business. The local HR department will advise the Trainees in all matters regarding taxation, insurance etc., also while on international assignments.