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Dear Candidate,

METRO Cash & Carry aims to be the champion for independent businesses and operates as a wholesaler – meaning that we have to help our customers to win over and satisfy the needs of their customers, in an environment where customer needs are permanently changing. In order to be able to respond to their demands and to grow our business, we have to continuously grow our people; right from the start.

Our Global management trainee programme, called ’METRO Potentials‘ has been designed to help develop a pipeline of future leaders for our organisation and provide a high-quality environment for the development of talents.

It is a world-class, two-year programme during which the selected candidates will go through a series of international, cross-functional assignments, acquire specific skills and attend capability development sessions. Our aim is to prepare you for taking on management positions immediately after completion of the programme.

During this programme, you will be challenged all the way, right from our initial assessment to each individual assignment and training event. We will challenge you but also provide extensive development possibilities, whilst giving you feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement to focus on. The ’METRO Potentials‘ programme will include very exciting project/business assignments, both locally and internationally, where you can make a real difference to our business.

We truly believe that attracting, developing and retaining some of the world’s best graduates will add significant value to our organisation. Your energy, enthusiasm and innovative strength will have a significant impact on our activities and processes, and thus on our bottom line. Those of you who join us will – as future managers – drive our business forward towards a continued focus on our customers and business excellence.

Send us your application, join our team and excel with us!

We wish you the best of success at METRO Cash & Carry!

makro guiding principles

«Life is not only about being good, but about being good to others too».
This is the way we do it:

Meet Our Guiding Principles

We listen carefully and act compliantly with respect and empathy to use the full power of collaboration.
We reach out to our peers to connect and build strong, trustful, and long-term relationships.
We foster engagement and well-being of employees as this leads to strength and success of a diverse community

We are passionate about and fight for our customers’ success.
Therefore, we have proximity and want to understand the business of our customers to deliver best solutions.
We are devoted to our customers and serve them with a concierge spirit.
We build long-term relationships to provide best in class services for their business – quality and timely delivery is of essence.

We believe that only a sustainable company that continuously preserves resources can be successful in the long term.
We therefore act responsibly and with full transparency in economic and environmental settings, striving for high standards and a positive impact on society – today and in the future.
We are balancing short- and long-term goals consciously.

We are entrepreneurs who strive for impact to improve customer value and take full accountability for our actions.
We analyse the drivers of our business, challenging the status quo, continuously improving and innovating. If we face challenges, we do not shy away but take action to eliminate obstacles and find solutions.
We take calculated risks and learn from our mistakes to constantly raise the bar.

We are authentic role models who trust each other and seek diverse perspectives via continuous feedback.
We inspire all of us to be our best self – the best partner in our community.
We create a respectful environment where everyone can voice their own convictions as well as mistakes and foster development within our team and beyond.

Wholesale is our origin, and wholesale is our future. At METRO/makro Cash & Carry, you will take your inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit and the limitless energy of independent businesses. From the very beginning, you will be focused on creating value for our customers in different regions. Leave your footprint on our future business for 21 million customers in 24 countries around the world!

Apply now for our METRO Potentials Management Programme

Are you a master graduate full of energy and committed to success? Are you result-oriented and open to change? Do you have the passion and drive to build the future of wholesale business and leave your personal footprint? Are you a strong communicator and able to Inspire those around you? Do you have leadership abilities and teamwork skills? Do you have what it takes to be a future leader?
Then join us still today!

Step into your 1st Management Position

The programme will further develop your talents and ambitions with career development activities that include both cross-functional projects and international assignments. A personal mentor will coach and guide you throughout the programme. If you show passion and drive, you will find unique opportunities to grow as a future leader in a global organisation. Together we’ll create a personalised career target.
As an equal opportunity employer we invite everyone to apply!

Who are we looking for?

  • Graduates from top local universities with a Master degree or equivalent in the field of e.g. Business, Trade, Hotel Management

  • Maximum of 3 years work experience (Internships don’t count as work experience in respect to 3 years work experience)

  • Excellent command of English and preferably of a second foreign language

  • Age group between 23 and 28 years

  • Track record of extracurricular activities (preferably in a leading role, e.g. team captain, organizer, student council)

  • International experience (working, studying, living)

  • Strong communicator

  • Independent and ambitious

  • Self-driven and proactive

  • Learning and networking agility

Structure of the programme

Latest Testimonials

testimonial makro
Testimonial Makro
Testimonial Makro

Previous Waves’ Testimonials

METRO/makro bets on the young talent through the METRO Potentials Programme. By working and learning from the butcher to the members of the board, METRO Potentials gives you a real insight on how the business works. Also, we are given the opportunity to work in an international environment, to get out of our comfort zone and to develop our leadership skills throughout the different stages of the programme.

Ana Isabel Tamargo, Metro Potentials Wave 4, Spain

The programme is dedicated to help trainees to be future leaders in an accelerated approach. I was offered the opportunities to work at different levels and environment, from stores to headquarters, and from home country to foreign lands. […] And the projects I had at different stages have enhanced my «soft skills», such as communication, time management, project management, etc.

Julia Yao, Metro Potentials Wave 3, China

METRO Potentials Programme gives you an opportunity to learn cross-functionally and cross-culturally by ensuring that you work in conjunction with various stakeholders across departments, during your projects in different countries.

Lalit Aggarwal, Metro Potentials, India
Choosing a career and a Company can be difficult when we are Young. But for METRO POTENTIALS it was an easy choice to make. With an international dimension and a two-years training plan that allows me to develop my skills in several fields, this program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Geraldine Pierre-Louis, Metro Potentials Wave 3, France
I could never have imagined that one day I would have to lead a whole project in Japan!
Thanks to METRO Potentials I had this once in a lifetime opportunity, amazingly boosting both my professional and personal growth.
Chiara Deplano, Metro Potentials Wave 3, Italy


Our METRO Potentials programme fast-tracks ambitious master´s degree graduates and, talented young professionals, to a management career in international wholesale.
Over two years, trainees develop leadership skills within a challenging, fast-paced environment to become fully trained managers in METRO Wholesale stores.
The programme is divided into five assignment phases that take place in trainee´s home country and others abroad. Here, they benefit from on-the-job and off-the-job learning modules, acquiring knowledge about our business and building their global network with other METRO Potentials.

The programme lasts two years and is comprised of five training blocks that are between three and six months long.

The programme is comprised of five training blocks that are between three and six months long, with rotations in different business environments. Trainees will always start in their home country, and will cover different project assignments and training activities with every new rotation.

The first rotation takes place in-store and aims to develop a basic understanding of METRO processes.

The second rotation takes place in the local country Head Office. This provides trainees with a deeper understanding of our business, and develops their cross-functional abilities.

The third rotation will always take place abroad, either in a store or Head
our business.

The fourth rotation is spent at the Corporate Headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, and focuses on developing innovative capabilities.
The last rotation returns the trainees to their home country. They develop further leadership skills in order to prepare them for their first management position.

The METRO Potentials programme starts once a year on 1st September.

Currently the programme is designed for METRO Wholesale countries, as it intends to develop new managers and executives within those countries.

Each country has the freedom to tailor trainee projects to meet local business needs. However, this takes place alongside formal training elements, which are determined by a global Programme Manager. These latter elements address broader development leadership skills.

Master´s degree from a local top university, business or hospitality school, or up to three years´ work experience.

Strong leadership potential.

International mobility.

Excellent written and spoken English skills, and ideally, another foreign language, passing and international Assessment Centre test.

Yes, if internal employees meet the programme criteria they are welcome to apply. Their line manager will make the decision to put their name forward as a potential candidate.
Internal candidates are also required to participate in the international Assessment Centre, in order to qualify.

While the ratio isn´t fixed, we expect approximately 80% of trainees will be external applicants and 20% will be internal.

Please note, only candidates with the highest performance in the assessment centres will be selected.

Each country is responsible for selecting external and internal candidates before they go to the international Assessment Centre. This preliminary selection process involves screening applications, conducting local interviews and tests at local assessment centres, and receiving a final nomination by the local country board.
The countries then nominate candidates for the international Assessment Centre. These take place every July in Europe. The final selection of management trainees is made by a panel of METRO Wholesale Group directors and country board members. Only the best candidates will pass the Assessment Centre.

If you´re appliying externally, apply through our local online recruitment channels.
the programme, please ask your line manager to put your name forward.

You will be told how to apply once your local HR team and line manager recommend your candidacy.

Yes. All trainees´performance is closely monitored by their respective coach, mentor, local HR team, and global Programme Manager.

This team also conducts evaluation and feedback sessions at the end of each training block, with the trainee.

Yes, every trainee will be supported by a local mentor (country board member) throughout the programme. Ideally, the mentor-mentee relationship will also continue after the trainee graduates.

The aim of the programme is to develop trainees towards a management position. While we aim to give every graduate a management position, their future placement will depend on individual performance, speed of development and local opportunities.

Trainees receive a permanent contract with their local METRO Wholesale business. This HR team will also advise trainees on all financial matters while they´re abroad.