ISIL trusts in Psicotec for developing its important project in Skill Management Model

ISIL, a leader institution in the superior education market created 34 years ago, currently offers 18 3-years-degrees adapted to the labor supply based on the methodology Learn by doing. Besides, this institution has degrees, specialization courses and workshops in Executive Education.

Since 2005, ISIL has been in the leading edge of the superior education market due to its innovative approach to academic and administrative environment which has been rewarded with international accreditations, academic agreements, marketing and human resources rewards. It has also placed corporate bonds with a value of 57 million Peruvian Sols thanks to the AA qualification granted by Fitch Ratings. In this continuously improving framework, ISIL has trusted in Psicotec Peru for the creation of its Skill Management Model.

With a great commitment by their CEO and managers, either in the administrative and academic areas, we have been working to put an end to this organizational objective by January 2018.

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