One path, three conclusions Innovation & Training | by Psicotec

The experiential Workshops Innovation in Training | Training in innovation that Psicotec has been performing during the last three months has come to an end.

After being hold in Barcelona in October 25th, in Valencia in November 7th and in Madrid in November 28th, these practical and experiential seminars have finished, for

Almost 150 professionals in Training, Development, and People Management have attended this meeting and have experience themselves some of the most actual and trending training solutions among organizations in our country. Which are the conclusions we have come to after these three events?

  1. Innovation in training, training for innovation

The most actual tools, apps and programs help us. Technology can be our great alliance as long as it is adapted to our objectives in training.

Even more important than technology it is helping our collaborators to develop their creativity, innovative thinking and looking for original solutions to routine problems.

  • If we introduce innovation in our teams, they will be more oriented to change.
  1. Listen, experience and learn

Everyone knows that the best way to apprehend a concept is experiencing it. But… why if we want to develop a training plan for our company, we will be reluctant to put it in practice?

Competence building is ten times more effective when adapted to practice… and if we add a bit of sense of humor and a big smile, the ratio is increased exponentially.

  • Tell me, and I will forget it. Teach me, and I will remember it. Make me be engaged, and I will learn.
  1. Communicate, assess, improve.

Let your company be engaged with the training. Let them be part of a training program tailored to their needs instead of being part of a standard and not relevant program. Be aware of the attendance, participant’s interest and try to always assess the satisfaction level of each training action. If we do not keep a track on this items, how will we be able to improve and make the most of this kind of actions?

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Tuesday, 4th December 2018

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